Q: How do I register for the class?

A: You would register for the class just like you would for any other class at SRJC. You must be enrolled as a student at SRJC. Please contact Admissions and Records for more information: https://admissions.santarosa.edu/

Q: When can I register?

A: Please check the Priority Registration schedule for dates of registration. Your priority registration status can be found in your Student Portal.

Q: What are the class hours?

A: Please see the “Daily Schedule” link on the Nursing Assistant website. All lecture, skills lab, and clinical hours are listed there.

Q: I already had a TB test. Do I need another one?

A: If it was done within 3 months of the program start date, then that will suffice. Please see the Orientation packet for more information on TB tests.

Q: I already did a Livescan for my other job. Is that ok?

A: The Livescan must be specific to the CNA program. SRJC will pay for and provide the Livescan. You just need to fill out the form, which will be provided to you on the first day of class.

Q: My CNA license expired. Can I retest or renew it at SRJC?

A: No. For license renewal inquiries, please visit CDPH (California Department of Public Health) website at: https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CHCQ/LCP/Pages/CNA.aspx

Q: I already have a degree. Can I challenge the course and just take the State Exam?

A: Please contact CDPH for questions about CNA licensure: https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CHCQ/LCP/Pages/CNA.aspx

Q: I have a CNA license from another state. Can I take the State Exam?

A: Please contact CDPH for license reciprocity information: https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CHCQ/LCP/Pages/CNA.aspx

Q: What if I’m on the wait list?

A: Please see page 3 of the Orientation packet for more information about wait list status.

Q: Is the program offered remotely?

A: All lecture, skills lab, and clinical are in-person, face-to-face. If you are interested in online learning, please visit CDPH for a list of schools that provide online CNA classes.

Q: I have a sponsor that will allow me to do clinical at their hospital/facility. Is that ok?

A: SRJC NATP contracts with specific facilities approved by CDPH. Clinical hours can only be done at these facilities.

Q: I can’t take a 4-hour quiz. I work during those hours. Is there another time I can take the quiz?

A: No. The quiz isn’t 4 hours long. The quiz hours listed on the Daily Schedule is a window of time during which you can take the quiz online. The quiz is 15 Q’s, 20 minutes, open book. You can take it anywhere, ie, from home, at work, etc. as long as you have a decent internet connection.

Q: I have DRD accommodations for extra time for test-taking in other classes. Can you set that up for this class?

A: No. All accommodations must come directly from DRD. Please contact DRD for help with setting up accommodations: https://drd.santarosa.edu/

Q: How do I renew my CNA license?

A: Please check the CDPH CNA website: https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CHCQ/LCP/Pages/CNA.aspx#Renewal

Q: How do I know when my license expires? Or how can I check the status of my license?

A: There is an online Licensing & Certification page that contains the Registry. You can look up the status of your license here: https://cvl.cdph.ca.gov/SearchPage.aspx

Q: I have a question not listed here. Who can I ask?

A: Please email the Program Coordinator. See 'Contacts' for more information.